about carrots

Hi, I’m runswithcarrots.

Running With Carrots is my blog, where I write about the shady underbelly of academia, my low-budget adventures in Texas, and the very esoteric topics I ponder while sitting alone at home, supposedly working on becoming a tenured professor.

I was born in Richmond, Virginia, but I don’t remember it much.  My dad’s job required us to move around a lot when I was young.  So post-Richmond, we moved to:

  • Columbia, South Carolina, which I don’t really remember.  Except for my red legwarmers.  I had red legwarmers.  Then we went to
  • Hoffman Estates, Illinois, a suburb of Chicago.  I only remember the swimming pool from Hoffman Estates, which is a little weird, as it’s cold in Illinois.  Next was
  • Franklin, Tennessee.  I remember a lot about Franklin.  Snapping turtles in the pond behind our house.  The old-fashioned soda shop my grandpa used to take us when he came in from DC.  My best friend Meaghan who lived across the street with her little sister, Mallory.  After Tennessee, we relocated to
  • Cary, Illinois, where it feels like it’s overcast for six months out of the year.  But those were my Saints Peter and Paul years, where I took an advanced math class with Sister Rita Claire, who would fall asleep during class.  And finally
  • Charlotte, North Carolina, where my family still lives.  I still kind of consider myself a Charlottean.  It’s a great city.

In Charlotte, I met Danny.  I married him ten years later.  He’s a comic book nerd who loves golf and cannolis.  He’s also a very talented illustrator.  Check out this poster he created for an event I organized:

Since Charlotte, I’ve spent four years at American University in Washington, DC — still one of my favorite places in the country — and a year volunteering through Americorps in Raleigh, North Carolina.  I just finished my English PhD in Houston, Texas.  I wrote my dissertation on Victorian children’s literature, which means at conferences I have to say smart things about Lewis Carroll’s “Jabberwocky” with a straight face.  It also means I’m often asked questions about pedophilia.  Good times.

I like Arby’s roast beef sandwiches, long Victorian novels, and any commercial with a talking animal.

I hope you enjoy the blog!


One thought on “about carrots

  1. Hi Carrots and Carrot-based associates; I am Submitting a Comment here because there’s not a box on the post in which you say many kind things about my little blog. Despite my inability to contact you in any sort of logical manner, it’s much appreciated, and thanks so much for dropping by. Cheers! – J.

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