closing time

As my few loyal carrots readers have probably noticed, I haven’t been updating as of late. While this is due, in part, to the general chaos of my life right now — moving boxes everywhere! — I have, in fact, decided to bring running with carrots to a close.

I’ve been updating this blog (on various sites) for at least eight years now — whoa — through Danny’s deployment in Iraq, six years of graduate school, two years of lecturing, and too many rounds on the job market. But now that I’m heading off, in a few weeks, for a new job in a new state, I think it’s time to bring things here to a close.

Thanks for reading, readers! In the words of Semisonic, you don’t have to go home, but you can’t stay here.


7 thoughts on “closing time

  1. Farewell. I will miss getting to share bits and pieces of your life here. We in Texas bid you “vaya con Dios.”

  2. So sad, but I’m learning that blogs can’t always transfer to our new experiences. Mine’s hanging on by a thread. I hope we can stay in touch!

    • I think that’s it, really. This blog has served its purpose. I wouldn’t be surprised if I started another blog sometime in the future. A professional blog — like you’re working on! — could be interesting, but if I begin another personal blog sometime, I’d probably limit the access, like you’ve done on yours.

  3. Now that you will be in one place for the foreseeable future, I propose a new blog: “Staying Put With Carrots.” 🙂

  4. Had a great time reading your excellent writing throughout the past few years. Thanks for your honesty and bravery in sharing bits and pieces of your life on the internets. See you on Facebook 🙂

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