it’s hurricane season!

Danny:  It would have to be insane for me to leave town for a hurricane.
Me:  Yes. Like HAMMER OF GOD.
Danny:  It would have to be such an insane hurricane that they needed to come up with a new category. I would leave if someone said that there was a Category 7 hurricane heading directly to our apartment. Like, if they named our address.
Me: A hurricane filled with barracudas.
Danny: Yes. Barracudas and two-by-fours.


2 thoughts on “it’s hurricane season!

  1. Uh oh, don’t make me give you two a hurricane speech 😉 Ironic that you write this as I write about the devastation of Ike in 2008!

    • We were joking, in a way. I had a horrible experience leaving for Rita, and Houston wasn’t hit. We stayed through Ike and didn’t even lose power, much to the annoyance of all of our friends in the area who were without air conditioning for a week or more.

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