carrots does appetizers

I am what you would call a Cook with Good Intentions.  I want to be good in the kitchen, but I don’t have the best instincts about food.  I’m also not willing to spend the money to take any sort of class, and I’m too lazy to read all of the basic to-do introductions in cookbooks.

So really, any culinary ineptitude is my own fault.

Every once in a while, however, I’ll run across a recipe that works for me.  Something simple and not too exotic that I would feel comfortable serving to friends at a party.  I can simmer a really fantastic Texas chili, and I’m putting the finishing touches and tweaks on a baked ziti recipe.  I also make a lemon-olive chicken that not only tastes good but looks good.  And as a neat freak who alphabetizes her books and folds her underwear, presentation is important to me.

Tonight I found another recipe that is both easy and pretty.  I discovered that I can cook a very fancy-looking potato and rosemary flatbread using refrigerated pizza dough.  (The recipe is from Real Simple magazine.)  It only took twenty minutes, and now my entire apartment smells like warm olive oil and fresh rosemary with a tang of salt.  It’s cooling a little right now on the kitchen counter, and I cannot tell you how satisfying it is to try a new (albeit easy) recipe and open the oven door to discover — hoorah!  It looks exactly like it’s supposed to!

Tonight, Danny and I will gorge ourselves on flatbread and fresh salads, followed by gin and tonics and Season 3 of Mad Men.


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