done and done

I am a doctor!  Of philosophy!

I passed my defense on Friday (huzzah!), and now I feel that I should blog about it.  But I find that I have very little to say, except that it was much easier than I thought it would be (which I attribute to my anxiety-fueled OCD preparations), I was delightfully surprised by the kindness of a committee member with a thorny reputation, and I was thankful that some awesome friends and colleagues filled up the conference table and made me feel less like a specimen in a petri dish.  Thanks, everyone!

Also, my dissertation director arrived with a full and frothy beard that he has been cultivating for about a year now, claiming that his facial hair was inspired by Edward Lear.  He even put on glasses to emphasize the resemblance.  That also helped.

Since the defense ended on Friday I have been a little sick.  I’m hoping it’s just allergies, as Houston is currently buried beneath a deceptively delicate yet deadly-to-the-sinuses veil of pollen.  But I have allowed myself to do many non-academic things.  I have:

  • played with the Wii, especially the hula hoop game on Wii Fit (so fun!)
  • cleaned the bathroom (not so fun, but so necessary)
  • enjoyed Mexican food with my friends
  • checked out the new Nordstrom Rack near the Galleria (this week’s pick!)
  • talked to Bee over my new webcam (hi bee!)
  • decided to bake a pie and then decided against it because it’s too much work
  • watched, once again, season one of Gossip Girl
  • fielded many jokes from my dad and husband about helping them “with this pain in my shoulder, doc”
  • read a book that does not appear in my dissertation or on my survey syllabus
  • and rigged up, with the assistance of Danny, a complicated pulley system comprised of dental floss and a plant stake to bolster Wilkie’s posture in his new pot.

I am particularly pleased about that last one.  Wilkie now stands tall with plenty of room to grow.  I have single-handedly bettered the life of a very feisty and very grateful houseplant.

Because I am Carrots.  PhD.


11 thoughts on “done and done

  1. Congrats sis. I will spare you the Dr. jokes for the time being :-). I have some more non-syllabus read ing material you can read if you like.

  2. Hey, I have a web cam! And no idea how to use it.

    Seriously, though, congrats x1000. I suspected it would be a breeze for you, and I hope you can now watch hours of bad reality TV without guilt.

    • Thanks! And maybe we should webcam sometime, although that just sounds unsavory. But I could project some Houston sunshine into your (ADORABLE) new house when you’re having a gloomy mountain day!

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