the wilkie chronicles, continued

New pick, loyal readers.

Danny and I had our friends Eric and Melissa over for some baked ziti on Thursday night, and toward the end of the meal, as we were mopping up some stray tomato sauce with the (somewhat disappointing) bread from Kroger, the conversation turned to math.  More specifically, it turned toward the moment when, as a non-math person, you realize that yes, you are a non-math person, and this is how things are going to be.

Melissa apparently had a traumatic experience with a dried-lima-bean counting exercise in first grade.  Her traumatic math experience reminded me of the horrible incident of the math-themed rocket ships in first grade, and as I soaped up the ziti pan that evening I thought AHA! I have a blogging topic for the week!

But dude.  I’ve already blogged about the evil math-themed rocket ships. This makes me realize something that, on the edge of my brain, I already knew.  I am a story repeater.  When I launch into a childhood anecdote during friendly conversation, I have to preface it by saying, “I may have told you this before, but…”  Sigh.  A non-math person and a story repeater.

What all of this boils down to is that, while I set Saturday afternoon aside for some blogging action, I am at a loss.  And I’m not really in a mental place to come up with something witty, as I spent the morning proctoring a practice SAT at a high school in Clear Lake.  I wasn’t even taking the test, but I still left feeling a little woozy and grumpy, as if I myself had spent hours filling in tiny Scantron bubbles.

I am, however, going to provide a Wilkie update.  Some of my loyal readers may remember my previous post about Wilkie — a short botanical history followed by a mournful meditation on his ill health.  I am happy to report that with the aid of some new soil, some sunlight, a few whispered sweet nothings, and a jug of Miracle Gro, Wilkie is BACK IN ACTION! In fact, he is growing so quickly that he has become somewhat top-heavy.  He’s leanin’ back like a dancer in a Terror Squad video.  Danny is convinced that he is in fact inclining himself toward the outdoors, a gesture meant to communicate that he is ready to be planted in the ground so that he can become a mighty tree.  I had a sit-down with Wilkie and let him know that his attempts at tree-dom will have to wait until our residence and more permanent.

So witness, dear readers!  Wilkie’s progress:

Wilkie in August 2009

Wilkie in January 2010


5 thoughts on “the wilkie chronicles, continued

  1. Sis you come from a long line of story repeaters. Often times when visiting with our folks I would wait patiently knowing that at some point mom would tell the story of Dad leaving the golf course for my birth. I too have been know to repeat stories (and bad jokes) over and over. Maybe we need a support group or something.

    • But I like the story of Dad leaving the golf course when you were born. We don’t need a support group. We need a fan club!

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