my tree will soon be modest

I have a Charlie Brown fake Christmas tree.  It’s short, and its branches are sparse and papery.  For the past few years, I’ve hidden the metal foot of the tree by swathing it with an old bath towel.  I’ve tried to use holiday colors, but there have certainly been seasons when my tree was skirted in aqua and white.

My tree does not deserve this, even if its branches are sparse and papery.

So I decided that this year I would procure a tree skirt.  I started poking around Target, but didn’t find anything I particularly liked.  And then I saw exactly the tree skirt I wanted at Crate and Barrel — called the Cheers Tree Skirt — and it even came in a Charlie Brown Christmas tree miniature size!  (See Figure 1)  Unfortunately, this tree skirt was something like $50, and I am unwilling to pay that much for a piece of spangled fabric cut into a circle.

This is when I decided to get crafty.  The Cheers Tree Skirt doesn’t seem all that complicated, and so I’ve been making one on my own. After my mandatory few hours glaring at my dissertation, I headed to Michael’s, land of excessive scrapbooking materials and pipe cleaners, to pick up some supplies: felt, buttons, a darning needle, some metal brads shaped like snowflakes, and felt glue.

For less than $20 and a few hours with a pair of scissors, I think I’ll end up with a tree skirt that at least vaguely resembles the Crate and Barrel version and, perhaps, has a little more homey character.  It’s not even close to done yet, and I think it’s going to take longer than anticipated.  But really, it’s just as well.  That will be a few evenings’ worth of distraction from the job market.

I’ve documented my progress for the pleasure of all carrots readers!

my materials, ready to go

I'm irrationally proud of my embroidery floss.


finding the center

the first few doo-dads

coming along

I decided to add a poinsettia.

I’ll post a picture when it’s done!


5 thoughts on “my tree will soon be modest

    • Haha, thanks! The whole project is taking a little longer than expected, but in the meantime I’m “storing” the unfinished product under the tree. It doesn’t look that bad half-done!

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