another reason to hate telemarketers

New pick by carrots!

I’m currently in a holding pattern.  It’s the end of November, and many universities and colleges call job candidates to schedule MLA interviews in early- to mid-December.  Sometimes a little earlier.

So I’m waiting.  I tend to startle when the phone rings, jumping up to answer only to discover that it is, again, the Fraternal Order of Police, who seem to somehow intensify their fundraising efforts during job market season.  Every time I hear the familiar ding of my email notifier, I hold a small, faint hope that it is a school asking for an interview or supplemental materials.  I’ve had three small nibbles, which is heartening, but nothing definitive yet.

Before I went on the job market, I didn’t consider waiting to be an active occupation, but I have learned that this sort of high-stakes anticipation engages at least half of my brain at all times, making it impossible for me to concentrate on anything else with my full attention.  At the end of the day, I’m exhausted.  From waiting.  I am tired from doing nothing.  Is this what upper-class Victorian women felt, after a day of embroidery and reading aloud in the drawing room?

The good news is that I’ve turned in all of my applications.  I think.  I’m still checking the job lists, and something new may appear, but tomorrow I’m going to wake up, go for a jog, and sit down at my desk to work instead of wait.  I am determined to make progress!

So I apologize for the infrequent blogging, but really, do you want to hear more of this whining?  Hopefully I’ll get at least one interview in the next two weeks, an interview that will act as a security blanket that I will cling to in moments of despair.

Grad school.  Bah.


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