behold: i’ve destroyed a rainforest

One of my advisors asked me to put together a manila folder for her that contains all of my job market documents and all of my drafted dissertation chapters.

Wow.  I’ve written a lot.  About 200 pages in drafted dissertation alone, and that doesn’t count seminar papers, stackofpaperconference presentations, abstracts, job letters, and articles.  My manila folder required two industrial-strength rubber bands!  And I’ve written about 30 pages more for this new chapter, which is not yet complete.

If I can’t feel fantastic about what I’m writing all of the time, I certainly can feel impressed by how much.  I also should feel a little guilty for using so much paper, but my advisor insisted on hard copies.

And that’s all I’ve got.  My brain is emitting a low, tired, drunken-bumble-bee buzz because I spent the entire day preparing a fellowship application that needs to be postmarked by Thursday.  This fellowship is a Dream Gig and therefore requires a lot of Smarts.  And perhaps an Ivy League degree.  If that’s what they want, I’m out.

We’ll see what happens.

Oh, and I’ve belatedly posted a new pick by carrots!


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