considering the cupcake

I had a meeting with one of my advisors today, and perhaps my job market situation is not as dire as I had presumed.  The listings are still sadly sparse, and many of the available positions are going to receive a discouraging inundation of applications — many impressive applications from scholars who have had competitive post-docs, perhaps multiple book deals, and experience researching AIDS cures in Africa among doe-eyed orphans.

That might be an exaggeration.

BUT my own state of affairs, as far as getting my documents together, is coming along.  Probably only one more revision on my job letter template, maybe two on my dissertation abstract.  My writing sample and CV are done.  I can do this!  I am feeling very learned and wise.

All of this heavy-lifting thinking in the morning means that I am a bowl of tapioca pudding in the evening, watching television and making the cats insane with the laser pointer.  Lately I’ve decided that baking is a good idea.  What better activity for a sedentary grad student than to bake dozens of cookies?  My next project, I think, will be Nutella Cupcakes.  Yes, readers.  NUTELLA CUPCAKES.  I am confident that nothing will soothe my job market stress — nothing will unwrinkle my brow after hours spent composing one sentence about my “interventions in the field” — than these cupcakes.

I found the recipe on TasteSpotting, which you will find linked to the right — a fantastic recommendation from Nick.


5 thoughts on “considering the cupcake

    • Thanks, Nick! So far nothing up in your neck of the woods, but I’m checking the listings every day. I came so close last year!

  1. i am really happy that i am super lazy and will never make these cupcakes, because i’m pretty sure i would eat a whole batch in one sitting and go into diabetic shock. nutella is my greatest weakness, too bad i am marrying a man who insists on eating it everyday for breakfast and therefore it is always in my kitchen.

    also, good luck with your apps!! i hope you have much more success in your job search than i am having!

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