Job Market Season has officially begun, which means that I should be revising my job letter, dissertation abstract, and CV rather than blogging.  It also means that life is going to be crazy and overwhelming for a while, so my posting may became a little less frequent.

Then again, I might post even more in an attempt to procrastinate.

Other than the all-encompassing job market and the always-present dissertation, not much is going on in my life.  I had a wonderful visit to the DC area for my cousin’s wedding and to visit bee.  On Sunday, we walked through Eastern Market in the morning — which always makes me miss DC more than ever — and while there I ate possibly the tastiest BLT ever created by the hands of man.  It’s sad, really, that it’s extinct now and no one else will get to enjoy its soft breadness, its crispy baconness, its just-the-right-amount-of mayoness.  But if anyone was going to enjoy this sandwich, I’m very glad it was me.

Bee, Brian, and I also visited Capitol Hill Books across from the market.  I’d never been there before and now want to capitol hill bookslive there, in an uneasy harmony with the persnickety elderly gentleman who runs the place.  He claims that the deteriorating vocabularies of college students are giving him brain damage, and he therefore has a list of words you are not allowed to use in his store posted behind the cash register.  I claim that he is fabulous.

Visiting DC made me want to get out of Houston as soon as possible, a feeling that I rarely experience in such a concentrated way.  But I hate that feeling, and I really don’t want to be one of those bitter people constantly complaining about where I live, especially because Houston?  It’s not so bad.  Many people who have never been here assume we’re all radical Republicans and armadillos and cowboy boots and tumbleweeds.  And sure, we have all those things, but, for the most part, in moderation.  Except for the tumbleweeds.  I haven’t seen one of those yet.

So I have decided to consider my last year not as “only one year until I get to move away from Houston” but instead as “only one year until I have to move away from Houston.”  I will eat lots of barbecue from Luling City Market!  I will enjoy 50-degree temperatures in February!  And I will walk under the arched live oaks on campus often, both out of necessity and in appreciation.

Also: I’ve updated the weekly pick by carrots.  Click away.


3 thoughts on “bacon.

  1. enjoy your warm winter! unless you stay in the south, in which case you can continue to enjoy a mitten-free existence. but i do hope that is not the case, and that you venture closer to those of us who live in puffy coats for three months.

    • I would love to live near you, but the job list came out, and things are looking bleak for my relocating to NY (no matter how much I want to). There’s one job in the area — at Queens College CUNY — but I think it’s going to be super-competitive.

      Also, I’m sure you look fabulous in a puffy coat.

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