the dickens list

Tomorrow afternoon I head to my old stomping grounds — Washington, DC — for many wonderful reasons.  I get to visit my inimitable friend bee!  We will sing “Tainted Love” many times.  I also will visit with her husband Brian, who I will greet with my trademark annoying laugh, and their cat Junie.  And bee has informed me that I get to use the “gluten” toaster for my morning peanut butter toast, which is a privilege I had not anticipated.

me and bee

bee and me

On Saturday, bee and I will head to Maryland for my cousin Dawn’s wedding, which will be a blast.  When I was young, I used to stay at my Aunt Rene’s house when we visited all of the DC-area relatives, and I was always excited to hang out with Dawn and to enjoy the ultimate luxury — to sleep in her water-bed.  I’m so happy for Dawn, and I’m definitely looking forward to a wedding with the Ford family clan.

And on Monday, before I head back to the Bayou City, I’ll have lunch with my advisors at American before rambling around the campus feeling nostalgic and buying overpriced tee-shirts.  Good times!

With all of this impending excitement, I have taken the precautionary measure to update my “weekly pick by carrots,” so as not to upset the blogosphere.  But my travel nerves prevent me from writing anything deep and meaningful.

I will say, however, that the weekly pick has reminded me of the Dickens List.  Among Victorianists, there is often great judgment and embarrassment over which Dickens novels you have and have not read.  I know, we’re the coolest.  But I think this year may be the year I complete my Dickens List.  Right now, it looks a little something like this.  (I have bolded those titles that I have read and left those I have not conquered italicized in shame):

Sketches by Boz
Pickwick Papers

Oliver Twist

Nicholas Nickleby

The Old Curiosity Shop

Barnaby Rudge

Martin Chuzzlewhit

A Christmas Carol

Dombey and Son

David Copperfield

Bleak House

Hard Times

Little Dorrit

Tale of Two Cities

Great Expectations

Our Mutual Friend

The Mystery of Edwin Drood


4 thoughts on “the dickens list

  1. sooo jealous of beth that she gets to see you, and sad that you will be hanging out on the quad without me! think of me when you walk through the marketplace and yell “NEXT BAGEL”, which I know you will. have fun!

    ugh the mystery of edwin drood. we performed that musical in 11th grade and it was awful. i’m sure the book is better, but 16 year olds with bad british accents really took away from the story.

    • I make no claims that Edwin Drood is good, as I haven’t read it. But I can’t imagine an 11th grade musical was a good idea.

      I thought of you in DC when I smelled hot dogs near the National Mall!

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