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So I don’t write about it often, but I’m still running.  I usually make it out about three or four times a week.  This is been very difficult this summer — probably the worst Houston summer I’ve endured since I’ve been here — since the heat index has been hovering around 102 or 105 degrees.  Oh, and I like to run at 3:30 in the afternoon.  I’ve had to give that up for safety reasons, so I have been very grumpily been heading out at 8:00 am, when the pavement is not yet hot enough to melt the soles of my tennis shoes.

So yeah.  Still running.  And I’m still a horrible runner.  At this point, I’ve given up any grand ideas of distance running and decided to be happy with my two or two-and-a-half mile runs.  This is certainly not impressive, especially since I’ve been at it for a long time now, but worth something, right?  I could come up with some lame excuse.  Maybe I don’t have the constitution to be a runner.  But really, I’ve just accepted it.  I enjoy running, and I suck at it.

Lately I’ve had to motivate myself a little more to get out there, because the idea of even stepping outside the air conditioning is anathema to me.  So a few months ago I bought new running shoes, and I’ve been stocking up on running tunes for my iPod.  I’m totally obsessed with “Quiet Dog” by Mos Def, even though I probably couldn’t even name another Mos Def song.

And.  AND!  Danny got me the greatest birthday gift: a lightweight Adidas jacket with very sassy and speedy racing stripes on the back.  I know, I know.  I’ve spent 80% of this post complaining about the heat.  But I requested a jacket like this, because once it hits December and January and it actually falls below 50 degrees once in a while here, I’ll need it.  And it has spiffy holes for your thumbs at the end of the sleeves!  Definitely  my favorite part.

But I thought I would use this post to solicit tips and suggestions from my many friends who run much farther and faster than I do.  How do you motivate yourself?  (I won’t be signing up for any marathons, so scratch that.)  What’s on your playlist?


6 thoughts on “carrots is running

  1. Sorry. Can’t help you. I’m lucky to get one mile on that rare occasion when I am foolish enough to try running. Well… maybe there is one thing I can say that can help. Go running when you’re really angry. When I do it, it helps me get my anger out, and it helps my motivation, too.

    • Haha — thanks. Although I don’t think I’d be a very good angry runner. Maybe waiting until I’m really stressed would work. That happens much more often.

  2. Oh, I love those jackets with the holes for your thumbs! I have two motivational ideas. The first is that when you detest the heat, just think of me running in Ohio in the winter with -3 windchill, so cold that my nasal passages go numb. The second is that I love to listen to podcasts like This American Life and I’ve recently found Travel with Rick Steves to be very enjoyable. It makes me run slower, but sometimes that’s better.

    • I can’t imagine running when it’s that cold. I guess I should be grateful for Houston winters, even if the summers are torture.

      I’ll check out Travel with Rick Stevens — haven’t heard that one. Sometimes I listen to The Splendid Table. There’s nothing like listening to someone talk about cooking with lots of butter when you’re exercising!

  3. Hmmm…I started out just running around the block off and on before I could run a mile or two. Since then I’ve come a long way – though I’m still very much a novice. Most of my runs are 3-6 miles…more often 3 these days. I’m not sure what really helped me get better, though…I guess just forcing myself to keep at it. Oh – and if you don’t already do so, definitely keep a running log so you can chart your progress. I find that helps motivate me quite a bit. Definitely sign up for a 5k – that’s easily within your reach and should give you a confidence boost! Switch up your routes…maybe try running just before dark, too? And last but not least, I’ve recently found that I don’t mind running without music – and sometimes actually prefer it! Good luck! I think I might try a marathon next year…some of the training plans I see actually look very doable so don’t rule it out!

    • I tried running without music, and I liked it! Probably not every time, but it was nice on a Sunday, when it was quiet around my apartment. (During the week there’s lots of traffic noise.) I’ll look into your other suggestions. Thanks!

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