language requirement

Vicki:     Wow.  You need to pass a language exam to get a PhD in Math.

Danny:   Of course.  You have to learn how to speak Geek.

Vicki:     Geek is not on the list.  You can choose between German, French, and Russian.

Danny:   What, Klingon isn’t an option?

I don’t hate on Math majors.  I respect you for doing things that I could never do with numbers.  But HA!  Klingon.  (Also, note that I had to ask Danny how to spell Klingon, and he knew.  So really.  Kind of hypocritical.)


2 thoughts on “language requirement

  1. Danny and Tommy can have a geek-off. Tommy demanded that I put Star Wars sheets on one of our guest beds. And I know that makes you want to visit EVEN MORE.

    • Um, YES I want to visit immediately if I get to sleep on Star Wars sheets. Can I bring my light saber? It has interchangeable color discs, so I can be good or evil at will!

      Okay, it’s Danny’s toy light saber. But still! An epic battle could ensue.

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