a resu-what?

My summer plans have changed against my will.  Due to budget cuts at the community college, I will no longer be tutoring at the writing center.  This is only mildly problematic, as I think my other small summer job and my small  graduate loan — together with Danny’s income — will last us until late August, when the Vaughn Fellowship kicks in and I start receiving sweet, sweet stipend checks.

Still.  Annoying.  I will refrain from elaborating on the many reasons why this is annoying, because I suspect that doing so would be unprofessional.

This afternoon, when I was entertaining the idea of getting yet another last-minute job — some financial patchwork for the month and a half or so when I was expecting to be tutoring — I realized that as a graduate student I have completely lost touch with the art of resume writing.  For the past five years, I’ve managed to land summer jobs somehow acquired through the university or through another college system, and therefore I don’t exactly have a resume.  I have a curriculum vitae.

Really, a CV isn’t very useful for applying to jobs outside academia.  A CV is considered more impressive if it’s longer.  Trimming it down to the concise two pages of a resume was a challenge.  Also, the information on my CV is in an order uniquely tailored to academic jobs — education and teaching experience and publications and conference presentations and research interests.

Converting my CV into a resume took all afternoon, and then when I embarked on a job search, I found pretty much nothing that fit my needs and my time frame.  There was a moment when I felt a little desperate.  Maybe it wouldn’t be so bad dressing up as a Disney princess for birthday parties?  But then I came to my senses.  Ramen for dinner every night seems like a better option than trying to find a tolerable job at adequate pay for such a short period of time.


So this Saturday is kind of shot as far as serious dissertation work is concerned.  Instead, I updated my weekly pick by carrots.  Check it out!


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