So I haven’t blogged in a few days.  I’m currently at the Children’s Literature Association annual conference in Charlotte.  It just started today, but I had to deliver my paper this morning, and the combination of travel, dissertation deadline stress, conference deadline stress, and delivering a piece of the most important research project in my graduate school career in front of a room of strangers has completely wiped me out.

I am profoundly tired.

I promise to blog about something interesting soon!


2 thoughts on “apology.

  1. Hey V–as per academic dressing…you should see the Modernist Studies Assoc outfits! Lots and lots of black, chunky eyeglasses, and boots, boots, boots! Guess it’s all about being mod….I imagine that many of the Children’s Lit folks dress in denim jumpers and have red apples appliqued on their skirts–in short, the 3rd grade teacher look. Thankfully, I’ve never seen you in that guise, and hope I never do….

  2. There actually were not any denim jumpers, as far as I could tell. I think there is a contingent of scholars in children’s literature trying to distance themselves from education departments. Really, it’s kind of ridiculous, because the connections are obviously there, and the teachers present at the conference made some great contributions.

    Not that teachers must wear denim jumpers. I say down to the denim jumpers.

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