danny = awesome

My husband is so talented.

This is his latest.  It’s actually a study of a John Singer Sargent painting.  Right now, he’s working on a series of paintings — the four horsemen of the Apocalypse.

He hasn’t decided yet what to do with this painting.  We don’t hang much of his artwork in our own apartment (by his request, not by mine), although one of my favorites is above my desk.  I think he should try to sell it, as I think this is a painting many people would want to display — the horsemen may not be as marketable as wall art — but he isn’t sure about it.  And really, because he doesn’t have enough for a show right now — and because it’s a study of another painting, and he isn’t sure this style is something he wants to put out there as “his work,” his style — I’m not sure how he would go about selling it, anyway.

Unfortunately, it will probably sit in our closet, which I find a little sad.  But I’m just so happy he’s painting more lately.  I think this has a lot to do with the aforementioned office reorganization.  He actually has room to work now.  And hopefully this new working space will inspire me, too.  It kind of has to, as my newest dissertation chapter is due in… let’s see…  a week.

P.S.  Check out the new pick by carrots.


6 thoughts on “danny = awesome

  1. I personally think that horseman pictures are marketable. I would buy one. Also I seem to remember many religious stores in Gatlinburg with horseman pictures. 🙂 Its not religious with me I just find the concept of supernatural beings on flying horses cool and extremely frightening at the same time. I understand Danny not wanting to hang up his own art though. I recently had a colleague suggest that I use “And the Giants Fell” as a foil for my unit on playwrighting. I feel that there would be something narcissistic about that.

    • I think Danny would much prefer to sell a horseman painting to someone with your ideas about the apocalypse than to sell it in a religious store in Gatlinburg. Just a guess. 😉

      And I guess I get the whole not-using-your-own-work thing. I certainly wouldn’t use something I’d written if I were leading a workshop.

      Oh and YAY on starting your blog again!

  2. WOW! I haven’t seen much of Danny’s art since college and this is amazing! Danny definitely needs to go public with this work–maybe on etsy.com? (it’s a great online marketplace for artists, even bashful ones)

    Good luck with the chapter! I want to know more soon!

    • I’ll send along the compliments! I actually told him about Etsy, but I’m not sure he’s game. We’ll see.

      And believe me, you will know when the chapter draft is complete. I may have to celebrate in a very public way. Do you think Oprah has an opening? Maybe I should print tee-shirts?

  3. danny is crazy talented! i have a solution for what to do with his paintings – give them as wedding gifts! so much better than a waffle iron – although a painting of a waffle iron would be pretty sweet (hint hint)! 🙂

    • I’m not sure Danny has ever tried kitchen appliances! Although I have to say, I got a real waffle iron for a gift once, long before I got married, and I kind of love it. I always forget it’s there, and when I remember I have waffles for days!

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