everyone look at my adorable godson

Tomorrow morning I will be rolling out of bed at 4 am.

But I am not distressed because I will be GOING TO SANDY’S WEDDING.  This wedding — this WEDDING OF SANDY — merits all caps, because I am not only excited to see her looking breathtaking as she walks toward her fiance in a beautiful park ceremony in Columbus, Ohio.  I am also excited to see at the same time another of my favorites, Terri, and her adorable family.  Especially my godson Andy.  I need an Andy squeeze.  I mean, who wouldn’t want to squeeze this?

Andy Robe

I hear he’s much bigger these days.

I can’t wait to see my friends!  At SANDY’S WEDDING!  We are very cute together, as demonstrated by this out-of-date photograph:

Sandy Terry Me Fourth of July

We’re cuter now.  And, on most days, I’m not so aggressively patriotic.  It was the Fourth of July in DC, people.  Five-dollar Old Navy tee-shirts were appropriate.

Moving on.  I’m particularly looking forward to tomorrow night, when we can reminisce about the days when we lived in Centennial.  Terri and Sandy lived in one half of the suite — accompanied at times, I believe, by a cockroach they named Lazarus — and I lived with a girl named Jib, who rearranged all of our furniture while I was out of town and had a Hello Kitty alarm clock that awoke me each morning with a Japanese ditty sung in what I can only suppose was meant to be a feline voice.  (And how was this possible, I ask?  Hello Kitty, if I recall, has no mouth.)

We can also remember the days when Sandy and I lived together in Park Bethesda.  For some reason, my strongest memory of Park Bethesda is dropping an egg in the kitchen and being unable to find it after I heard it roll away.  It took at least 24 hours to locate the egg, which was lodged behind the molding at the bottom of the kitchen counter.  Not finding the rogue egg?  That would have been a CATASTROPHE.

I also remember the fearful walk across the street — through a large, empty parking lot — to the grocery store.  These were the days of the DC sniper, and the local news was recommending walking in a zig-zag pattern and, at intervals, dropping to the ground to avoid stray bullets.


On that note I’ll sign off.  I’ve updated the weekly pick by carrots early, because obviously I will be busy this weekend.

Pictures to come!


2 thoughts on “everyone look at my adorable godson

  1. hahaha this post is so amusing! love the memories of the dc sniper – man, we were so scared! i would run home from campus in as much of a zig-zag pattern as is possible on a sidewalk. it was a good look.

    • I remember seeing a sidewalk in Charlotte that was purposefully constructed in a zigzag pattern and I thought — now THAT would have been perfect for the DC sniper days. It would have looked like I was simply following the creative urban planning!

      I saw you set a date for your wedding! This is the most exciting news ever.

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