the great reorganization

Yesterday Danny and I reorganized our office.

This is a nearly impossible task.  The room is pretty small, and we apparently require a lot of furniture to get our work done.  I have a desk with a hutch, a small end table with a file cabinet, three small bookcases, and a series of file boxes containing all documents relating to my dissertation.  Danny has a computer desk and an art table, two bookcases, and an easel that he would like to have room to at least set up once in a while, even if most of the time it remains exiled to the corner.

There is no way to arrange all of this furniture in the office in a graceful way.

Since we moved into this apartment two years ago, we’ve had Danny’s desk kind of dividing the room.  But really, dividing a room that isn’t really big enough to be divided just makes things feel claustrophobic.  Trying to divide this room was like trying to divide the last bite of cheesecake when you’re sharing desert with someone.  It’s all a show.  And Danny and I, since our first date, have stuck to a strict policy of just eating that last bite already without even asking for permission.  You snooze you lose.

Yesterday we decided to give up on the dividing thing, so our reorganization was, essentially, moving all of the furniture to the perimeter of the room.  This involved purchasing one large bookcase from Ikea to replace the three small, two-shelf excuses for bookcases I was using and (hooray!) buying a fuzzy red rug for the middle of the room:

Our office now looks like that carnival ride where you stick to the wall.  Except, you know, with furniture.  But it works, because now I can write a sentence in my dissertation without feeling Danny’s breath on the back of my neck as he looks for photo references for his next illustration project.

My favorite part of the reorganization — aside from the satisfying noise of the vacuum clearing away two years of dust and cat hair from the patch of carpet that was once the gap between my bookcase and Danny’s desk — was the following exchange, which occurred as Danny was organizing playing with his action figures:

Danny:  Look!  Smokescreen is attacking Hellboy!
Vicki:    Your Smokescreen is a lot bigger than Hellboy.  Hellboy is tiny.
Danny:  Well, not in reality.


4 thoughts on “the great reorganization

    • I highly recommend that you and Christophe adopt a similar dessert rule. It may save your relationship in times of extreme dessert stress.

  1. If I had the means, I would totally reorganize and redecorate every 6 months. Much like Martha Stewart assumes we do. “For spring, pick bright colors for your bedroom.”

    As an aside, I totally got sad today thinking about a Dickens Universe with you and Sophie. I hope the Riceys are cool this year. 🙂

    • Oh me too. I am shamelessly addicted to Martha Stewart. My senior year of college, I watched her show every day. My selection of cable channels has, alas, thinned with my bank account in graduate school, and I can no longer watch Martha create, like MacGyver, an entire Thanksgiving tablescape out of a thimble and a piece of belly button lint.

      Your comment makes me think about how much I love Ryan! The Riceys this year are, indeed, cool. But obviously not as cool as me and Sophie.

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