please adopt this kitten!

On Monday, Danny left a somewhat frazzled message on my voicemail asking me where I had stashed the cat repellant — this organic and for the most part ineffectual spray we bought in December when we thought our newest cat, Echo, would attack our sad, fake, Charlie Brown Christmas tree.

When I got home three hours later, this was living in my bathroom:

This kitten had somehow gotten stuck underneath some tree roots just outside our apartment building.  Whenever Danny reached down to untangle her, she would freak out and get even more stuck.  He thought the cat repellent would make her struggle out herself.

Eventually, obviously, he separated cat from tree.  And it’s a good thing, too, because Houston suffered major flooding last night, and certainly this kitten would not have survived the storms.  Those tree roots were at least a foot or two underwater in the morning.

But now, this cat is in my bathroom.

Danny and I really can’t handle a third cat.  Our apartment is too small for three cats.  Our bank account is too small for three cats.  And my patience — and the tolerance of Echo — cannot handle a third cat.  Tempting some local friends with cute pictures of the kitten was unsuccessful.  This morning, after the floodwaters receded (I wish that were an exaggeration), I packed up the kitten in a box and headed for the Humane Society, our neighborhood kill-free shelter.

This kill free shelter?  It’s not kill free.  Apparently, if you admit a puppy or kitten that is under eight weeks old, they immediately put it down.  The kitten Danny rescued is probably about five weeks old.  She is small and fluffy.  And yet the volunteer behind the counter — a volunteer who, I would like to add, was wearing turqouise and gold contacts and long, fake eyelashes with small rhinestones in them — could look at the smallness and fluffiness and utter the words “immediately put it down” without batting an eye.  Or a horrible, horrible fake eyelash.

I know it’s not this woman’s fault.  But still.  Do you have to be so repulsive as you tell me you want to kill the kitten?

So she’s back in our bathroom, and after marshaling the efforts of many friends and their friends and those friends’ acquaintances, we maybe possibly have found someone to adopt the kitten.  We’ll meet her on Thursday.  Everyone keep their fingers crossed and send good vibes that this potential cat adopter is a nice person.

A nice person with eyes of a color that occurs in nature.

Click the link for more aggressive cuteness.


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