and… scene

Job market season is officially over for me.  Praise baby Jesus.

So nothing really worked out for me this cycle.  After three initial interviews, two campus visits, and one job offer, I have decided to stay put for a year at Rice.  I can finish my dissertation, maybe get another conference presentation and hopefully another publication under my belt, and then try again next year.  And please — no comments about how the job market will probably be even worse next year.  I have certainly been thinking of nothing else since I turned down that job.

But really, I think it was the best decision for everyone involved.  The school just wasn’t a fit for me and Danny.  I don’t think we could be happy in the small town where the school is located.  The course load was high and the salary was low, and the teaching philosophy for the children’s literature classes was nothing like mine.  And I just didn’t get a good feeling during my visit.  As one of my undergraduate advisors noted, that gut feeling is certainly nothing to ignore.

I’m not completely unhappy with how things turned out.  I did pretty well, considering that the number of jobs this year was down almost 25 percent from last year, and of those jobs, a third of them were frozen or canceled after they were listed.  Why did I go to graduate school again?

I suppose this gives me time to do Texas things that I haven’t yet had a chance to do.  I still haven’t been to Dickens on the Strand, and I’d like to go to San Antonio.  I’m open to suggestions from my fellow Houston friends.


2 thoughts on “and… scene

  1. Mwahaha. Another year of Vicki, and I didn’t even have to do anything sororophobic to secure it.

    Seriously, I think you did the right thing.

    And I think we should do Dickens on the Strand together as a crazy adventure.

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