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So praise baby Jesus in a manger it turns out that the interview I felt went really well did, in fact, go really well.  Last week the head of the department called me and invited me in for a campus visit at the end of January.  For those of you who are not slogging through the mire of academia, this means that I am one of three final candidates, and my two-day visit will, essentially, be 48 hours of prolonged interview craziness, interspersed with both a research talk and a teaching presentation.

I’ve already started preparing, and it’s going to be a lot of work from now until the visit.  But it’s fun and exciting.  It’s a job that is as close to perfect for me as I can expect, at the type of university where I would love to work, with colleagues who seem friendly and down to earth, in a new and exciting city that Danny would be happy to try out.

Then again, I don’t want to get too attached.  Sometimes the job market is like visiting the SPCA, picking out a puppy, naming it, buying it squeaky toys, preparing its puppy bed, and then learning from a disgruntled animal shelter volunteer that you cannot take the puppy home.  No, not that puppy.  It is not for you.  It’s for that smarter person over there, who has a book deal and a degree from an institution that far overshadows yours.  And you watch this person who probably does not even appreciate the merits of the puppy carry it away in an ostentatious Burberry pet carrier and give it some different, inappropriate name, like Bubbles or Dumpling.  And you know you would have done so well with the puppy, and that the puppy would have found you to be an able and loving master, but you are never given the chance.  By the time you learn that this arrogant Ivy Leaguer will be the owner of your puppy, all of the other puppies are gone, even the ugly ones with major attitude problems.

Woohoo epic simile!

But now that I’ve vented all the negativity, I’m going to focus on actually getting the job.  My one-in-three chances are pretty good, compared to the one-in-three-hundred you’re up against in the initial applicant pool.  And I’m so excited about the position, that I think my charisma will show.  So send me good vibes, people, at the end of January!


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  1. Hahaha, is that SPCA comparison based on experience? I’ve actually have never adopted an animal from a shelter (though once we came close, until the cat bit my dad because he thought it was a good idea to carry the cat to the car vs. buying an animal carrier).

    And, Good luck at your interview!

    • Haha. No, no one ever stole my puppy. Although we adopted both of our cats from the SCPA. Last time we were there, we picked out a kitten, and they brought both her and her cage-mate out for us to “meet.” Turns out the one we had originally picked out didn’t like us so much, but her sister immediately fell asleep on my lap. So we switched allegiances. The other was adorable, so I’m sure she was adopted in no time.

      And thanks for the good luck! I hope you’re doing well yourself.

  2. At least you aren’t presenting on boredom.

    Congratulations though! Win or lose, if I’m in the position you are in 4-5 years, I will be very happy. For now…slogging through the mire.

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