I am not updating.

This is because I am paralyzed by job market stress.  Not really job market work, because all of my primary documents are drafted and ready to go.  (Except my statement of teaching philosophy, which is an evil document required by only one school… but one school where I would love to work.  That document is still in drafting stages and sitting in Bob’s email inbox.) 

No, I am not paralyzed by job market work, but by job market stress.  Most of this is due to others not meeting the deadlines I have given them.  And I was so generous with my deadlines!  I was magnanimous even.  I gave others a month to provide me with the requisite materials, and yet they kept me sweating.  The rest of the stress is due to stupid practical problems, such as the difficulties of sending in a job letter electronically on letterhead with a signature.  Our department, apparently, does not have electronic letterhead.  Gah.

But I continue to complete application materials in spite of this.  I’ve turned in six out of fifteen application packets.

The problem with being paralyzed by job market stress is that it makes you a very uninteresting person.  And while there are certainly other things going on in my life, all of them are obscured by the next deadline (November 1) and the number of letters of recommendation that still have not been uploaded to my dossier (two).  I cannot present the other goings-on in my life with any sort of creativity or flair, but I will present them in list form:

1.  I voted early today at the Fiesta grocery store on Old Spanish Trail.  I only had to wait twenty minutes, and because the line snaked through the international and organic foods section, I could entertain myself by imagining the possibilities inherent in wasabi- and plum-flavored sesame seeds.  While, for the most part, voting was a positive experience, I was dismayed on two counts.  One: Once again I did not get an “I voted” sticker, which is one of the primary reasons I vote in the first place.  Next to exercising my rights as a responsible citizen, of course.  Two: The woman in front of me was a horrid troll who refused to allow a severely handicapped elderly woman in front of her in line.  I hope this trollish woman burns popcorn in her microwave so severely that the smell lingers in her kitchen for months.  And that, on the way to work tomorrow morning, she steps in fresh dog doo.

2.  I am making modest progress on a third chapter of my dissertation.  I learned that, in the original text of Rumpelstiltsken, the story ends with the title character stamping his foot so firmly in anger that he buries his leg in the ground up to his hip.  He then grabs his other leg and rips himself in two.  Rips himself in two.  Crazy.

3.  I went to the Bayou City Arts Festival and decided that, when you buy a ticket for this festival, you should receive a hat.  The color of this hat should indicate whether you have enough disposable income to buy high-priced art or whether you are a low-paid graduate student and that, therefore, artists should give you special discounts.  There was some fantastic stuff there, and usually I could not even afford small prints.  But I did find an artist who was selling these great, brightly-colored prints of her oil paintings of birds for $20 each.  So I now have a small print of a very fat robin that makes me happy.

4.  We have a new kitten!  Her name is Echo. 


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  1. academic applications make me mad

    i know your stress. i’m thinking of you and sending best wishes your way. as if you need them. i know you’ll be smashing.

    – bdw

    • Re: academic applications make me mad

      Thanks… same to you and Heather! There’s something exciting being in a period of transition like we both are right now, but obviously there’s something very stressful about it, too.

      Keep us updated on what’s going on with you and your family!

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