We have weathered Hurricane Ike!

Ike was my first hurricane.  I moved to Charlotte post-Hugo, and I left Houston during Rita.  (Although, of course, leaving Rita was far more traumatic than staying for Rita.)  So by Thursday when it was evident that Ike was headed straight for Houston, Danny and I double-checked our hurricane supplies and hunkered down for the storm.

It was a little creepy.  The wind was insane, and I could hear windows popping across the street.  But we’re pretty lucky.  Our electricity blinked once or twice, but it’s working now.  Unfortunately our water isn’t, but according to the mayor that should be remedied soon.  And we didn’t have any damage to our windows.  We have one small drip in the bedroom, but it’s already dry.  The roof of the parking deck on one side was ripped off, right over Danny’s car, but thankfully there’s only one or two small scratches on his rear windshield.

Thanks to everyone who checked in!


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  1. Would it be OK if I linked to this in my LiveJournal? Friends and relatives are anxious to see what the complex looks like and we don’t have a digital camera. My journal is friends-only and all my ‘friends’ are people I know in real life so it wouldn’t be any creepy random strangers leering at Danny or figuring out where we live or anything.

  2. Good Lord! We still have a big tree down across half of the street I live on–hopefully it will be cleared up soon. I’m at Cassandra and Jason’s right now, admiring the lovely power in your complex! Weirdly, we didn’t seem to have as much storm damage up where I was, but we’re losing access to all kinds of things.

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