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Danny has started his new job, which means we have the same weekend again!  He usually worked weekends in his previous position and had Mondays and Tuesdays off,so when I returned from work on Friday afternoon ready to spend the evening doing no work and relaxing, he would have to pack off to bed early.  But last night we shared a Friday!  Yay!

So last night we had dinner at Barnaby’s, browsed around Half Price Books to spend a few coupons, and went to see Hellboy II.  This is all part of our strategic plan to stagger our movie viewing habits to avoid long lines leading to theaters, and we smugly passed the miserable people who had been waiting to see The Dark Knight for a few hours.  Although I don’t think Danny can hold out past Sunday afternoon to see a Batman movie.

It was good to have a relaxing night off, because my summer schedule and dissertation work is turning me into a quivering bowl of tapioca.  A bowl of tapioca that knows a lot about boys’ adventure fiction, but tapioca nevertheless.  I’m really looking forward to next semester, when I can quit my Career Services job (sweet, sweet stipend) AND work in my library office, which I won’t get keys to until at least the end of August.

But I actually really enjoy my workspace at home.  Although ideally my desk would be a sprawling and grossly over-ornamented Victorian antique in a mahogany library, situated near the fireplace (although I am in Houston…) and lit by stained-glass lamps, I have to make-do with my apartment living and share an office with Danny’s art table.  So this is what my desk looks like:

I try to decorate the bulletin board behind my laptop with things that will soothe me when my dissertation is making me want to kill kittens.  Like my postcard of William the Hippo, and the card featuring an Edward Lear illustration of a gang of monkeys riding a zebra I randomly found in a library book at Rice, or my favorite Thomas Mann quote.  “A writer is someone for whom writing is more difficult than it is for other people.”  Which I stole from Dr. Doody.

One of the best things about my desk is the painting I’ve hung above it:

Danny painted this quite a few years ago, and although we don’t have much of Danny’s artwork in the apartment because he doesn’t like displaying his work in our own place, he agreed to hang this one.

So I haven’t been posting much lately, and that’s because I’m spending most of my time at work or parked under Miles here, plugging away at the dissertation.  I’m off to Santa Cruz, California in a week or so for Dickens Universe, which Danny calls the comic book convention of Victorian literature geeks, so I’ll hopefully have some interesting news to post after that.


7 thoughts on “working from home

  1. I have Mondays and Tuesdays off as my weekend, and Jason has a normal Friday-Saturday weekend. So I’m totally jealous! Also I am jealous of your super-cool, organized desk. Perhaps my envy will motivate me to clean our horrible apartment.

    Also: I knew this already, but dang! Danny’s all talented and stuff. You guys and your fantastic abilities.

      • If it makes you feel better, I didn’t notice the extra comma.

        And we must hang out. This is getting ridiculous. Lauren and I were talking about grabbing dinner with our respective others. You and Jason should come along! We have no set plans yet, as I’m going out of town soon, but I’ll let you know when we do.

      • Hooray! Plans! And Operation: De-Disgustingify Our Apartment is making progress, so the abiding sense of deep, crippling shame that has so far kept us from extending any simulacrum of hospitality should be gone soon! Whee!

  2. Your desk looks like something from a nice design blog. Mine looks like something from–well, like something that absolutely never gets used (I do all my work in my armchair, with the laptop on the ottoman).

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