I’m in Michigan, waiting out a three-hour layover on my way home from Ohio, where I visited Sandy, Matt, Terri, and my new godson Andy.*  Of course, I’ll have to post this later, because Detroit’s airport — like so many other annoying airports — makes you pay for your wireless.  (Kudos, however, to the free internet in Dayton, Ohio.)

I actually don’t mind layovers, even without wireless access, because making a tight connection usually makes me break out in stress-induced hives.  Well, not really.  But I usually feel like I’m going to break out into stress-induced hives.  So usually I book a long layover and spend two hours or so getting a cup of coffee, browsing cheezy aiport gifts, people-watching, and riding around on those little moving sidewalks until a polite lady tells me to watch my step because the walkway is ending.

Detroit’s airport isn’t bad at all, especially when you’re in terminal A, where you have a choice of restaurants, newsstands, and over-priced coffee stands.  (My connection on the way to Ohio was in terminal B, where they put the underclass of passengers who don’t deserve such luxuries because they’re about to board small, tin-can prop planes to smaller towns like Traverse City and Molina.)  Terminal A is also where they schedule international flights, and I have spent most of my layover glaring at teenagers grouped around those large, middle A-gates with signs for Amsterdam, Paris, and London.  I like Houston, but I would definitely rather be heading to London.  And I really think I deserve a ticket to Heathrow more than these teenagers, who have frosted hair and flouncy skirts from Abercrombie.

[Okay, they keep paging someone over the loudspeaker here, and it really sounds like they’re saying “Osama employee Duncan McKinley.”  I’m sure it’s some company in the airport called Osaka or Osaba or something similar.  But it definitely sounds like Osama.]

But if I can’t go to London, I’m very happy to be heading home to Houston.  I had a great time visiting my Ohio friends, but I miss Danny and my cat, and I really need to get working on the dissertation again.  And I love my mattress.  I never realize how wonderful my mattress truly is until I sleep somewhere else.  I’ve never found a mattress I love as much as mine.


* I will be posting pictures of adorable godson Andy on Facebook soon.


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