I cannot purchase anything with my credit card on iTunes because of some weird glitch in their system, and — after trying half-heartedly to remedy the problem in the space of a few emails — the Apple people have given up on me.  Apparently I can only shop on iTunes if I buy an iTunes card.


Especially because I’m searching for and downloading songs that are particularly suitable to listen to while running.  Often I download and listen to the podcast of The Splendid Table, but lately I find music much more motivational.  My current favorites for the thrice-weekly run:

“Sound of Drums” by Kula Shaker
“Cigarette” by Fiction Plane
“Run Through the Jungle” by Creedence Clearwater Revival
“Call to Arms” by Angels and Airwaves
“The Captain” by Guster
“O. Lover” by Jason Mraz
“Rains in Asia” by Jump Little Children
‘”Welcome to the North” by The Music
“It’s Beginning to Get to Me” by Snow Patrol
“Desire” by U2
“Big Girl (You Are Beautiful)” by Mika
“Magnolia Soul” by Ozomatli

I also have the insatiable urge to download some Neil Diamond, in particular “Brooklyn Roads,” “Forever in Blue Jeans,” “Longfellow Serenade,” and “America.”  I am not ashamed of this.  I think it might be because I miss my dad.

In other news, I picked up some free tickets for the Houston Aeros, the city’s minor league hockey team, through the Graduate Student Association.  I suspect I was the only person who took advantage of these free tickets, because Danny and I were sitting amidst a huge block of empty seats.  But really, they were terrific tickets — very close to the ice — and I always love going to a hockey game.  Mostly because of the belligerent crowds and hot dogs.  Both were spectacular.

Danny and I did start to joke about minor league sports, however, and their apparent lack of funds.  Because the contests they had for people in the crowd had the strangest prizes.  One guy won a Honeywell security system.  Someone else won a negligible gift card to a furniture store.  Obviously these are donations from sponsors.  If revenue really suffered, the prizes would assuredly get even more ridiculous.  You’ve won a lint roller from the local dry cleaner!  A four-pack of Hanes undershirts from Target!  A taxidermied armadillo drinking a Corona from that kitsch-y souvenir store in the Galleria!

And really, who doesn’t want a drunken, stuffed armadillo?


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