Danny and I went to the Starbucks on Buffalo Speedway and Westpark on Saturday night.  The gentleman waiting in line behind us was wearing a tee-shirt, jeans, and white crocodile loafers with a long, square tip.  We decided that this man’s footwear is what is wrong with the world.

This led to a discussion about who should be permitted to wear white crocodile loafers.  It’s a privilege, not a right.  We came up with the following:

1.  Tom Wolfe
2.  Cuban drug-runners
3.  Casino owners in Reno, Tahoe, or Atlantic City (but not casino owners in Vegas)
4.  Eccentric old men living in South Beach

Nineteen-year-old punk wannabes need not apply.  Next time we see a man wearing white crocodile loafers, we plan on asking him if he is a drug-runner or a casino mogul.  I’m pretty sure I could pick out Tom Wolfe in a crowd, and those old men are unmistakable.

We were undecided about white crocodile loafers as female footwear.

In other news, lately every time I turn on Lewis, my laptop, he informs me persistently but politely that he would like a new battery.  I am perfectly happy to purchase a new battery for Lewis.  He has served me well since my Finley Fizzle days, and I want to keep him particularly content as I write my dissertation.  I notice, however, that the three batteries available through Dell (ranging in price from $140 to $185) have received HORRIBLE customer reviews.  Dell (obviously) recommends purchasing a Dell battery, although there are a few options from other companies that claim to be compatible.  These are often considerably cheaper but make me a little nervous.

Thoughts?  Anyone have experience in purchasing a laptop battery?  Nick or Allison perhaps?


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  1. In general, I’ve had good luck with Ebay for laptop batteries – there are many companies that distribute OEM batteries. Usually ~$50.

    As long as it lists your model number specifically (like inspiron 500m or similar) and the seller has overwhelmingly good feedback (98% or greater over more than 1000 sales) it’s a fair bet.

    There’s also http://www.kahlon.com if you are ebay-averse. They’re a ‘real’ store with similar OEM products and a huge selection of notebook parts, though somewhat higher prices than ebay.

    With Dell/IBM it is worth watching how many watt hours the battery is rated for, as it’s typically possible to get a higher capacity battery on the 3rd party market as well.

    What model number is the Dell? I could look around for you.

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