I read a few blog communities on graduate school.  I remember, during my first semester at Rice, reading a post by a student who could only work on his dissertation if he was listening to “Tears of a Clown” by Smokey Robinson and the Miracles.  I thought — wow, this man is obviously insane.

Now I find myself in a similar position.  I cannot concentrate without the wavering rasp of Diane Rehm or the breathy tones of Terry Gross on Fresh Aaaaairr…  Of course, NPR is not nearly as creepy as any song involving clowns and riffs of circus music.  But still.

Houston’s public radio station, KUHF, plays classical music starting at 9 am and broadcasts my favorite programs on an HD station, which is horribly annoying.  But thankfully you can listen to a live stream of that station online.  I’ve become a total npr-o-phile.  I want Carl Kasell’s voice on my answering machine.  I want to have coffee with Ira Glass.  Engines of our Ingenuity and The Writer’s Almanac are like crack to me.  I even enjoy listening to Click and Clack, the Tappet brothers, while making my bed on a Sunday morning.  And I’m seriously considering investing in some npr merchandise, probably this tee-shirt.

In completely unrelated news, Danny has finished two of the three posters for his friend Derek’s band, Co-pilot.  I want to post them here as a shameless plug for his illustration, because he is awesome.  If you know anyone who needs any kind of illustration work done (advertising, signage, posters, CD case and label design, portraits, even wedding stuff), you should consider Danny, who is building his portfolio.  His work would, therefore, be reasonably priced.

Co-pilot poster for their Austin show:

Co-pilot poster for their Houston show:

The wedding stuff was printed on a warm, sand-colored cardstock instead of white, which made it look very autumnal.

Save-the-Date card:



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  1. The wedding invitations are lovely. Elegant, yet warm and excited.

    NPR is a great radio station. If I ever do listen to the radio (rare nowadays) I tend either to that or the 80s station. What I really miss is the AM radio in my city in Canada, because at midnight they play ‘those old radio shows’ – with the kooky series from waay back in the day. I can still listen to the station online, but it is not the same I guess.

  2. I like NPR a lot, but don’t listen to it much these days owing to not having a radio in my car for Complex Reasons. Your post made me feel like going to the website and starting some streaming.

    And yes, that’s WAY better than Tears of a Clown.

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