in which carrots discusses grad school matters that interest no one

This week is hectic.

Rice is hiring a new African American Studies professor, which means I have a series of graduate student sessions and job talks to attend.  The Poetry & Poetics Colloquium is up and running for the semester, bringing a series of events and workshops that I’m not only attending but planning.  The Victorian Studies Reading Group meets this week, and the Late Victorian Reading Group is fast upon its heels.  I’ve been getting some materials together and sending some emails, hoping to secure a job as a writing tutor at the Houston Community College.  (My stipend checks plummeted this semester, as the grant I received last semester runs out when my teaching ends.)  And I’m checking out volunteering with Catholic Charities, which requires an orientation and (wtf?) three letters of recommendation.

So it doesn’t look like I’ll be getting too much of my own work done over the next few days.

But overall, I find that I’m quite optimistic about this semester.  It’s scary being alone with the dissertation, but I’m trying to structure my time around a regular work day.  Progress is slow but definitely there; I’ve written about ten pages or so and outlined a few more.  And there’s something fantastic about working on my own project instead of worrying about writing seminar papers to fulfill program requirements.  Never again will I write anything about pre-1800 literature!  Unless I want to!

And in other happy news, I have paid off my credit card completely as of this morning.  I’ve never had a huge balance, just a small one that floated around behind me like an angry cartoon stormcloud.  (I know how fascinating my financial matters are to you all.)

Back to work, then.

OH!  But all Houston-area readers should attend our Wine & Cheese Poetry Reading on Thursday, starting with some truly delicious refreshments at 5:30 (Central Market!).  The reading officially begins at 6:00.


One thought on “in which carrots discusses grad school matters that interest no one

  1. Yeah, this week is not my favorite week. I got back in town yesterday and had to teach; this morning, I have to get started at SEL. And so it goes, you know?

    Were there any gems at the graduate meeting?

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