name changer

The academia blog-o-sphere thinks I am a horrible person for changing my name when I got married.



7 thoughts on “name changer

  1. Good Lord. That’s just all. Good Lord. I changed my name, but kept my maiden as my second middle name. I’m not the same person I was before I got married, and it doesn’t bother me that my name isn’t, either.

    • I agree. The argument that a woman is somehow relinquishing her identity by changing her name never made sense to me. My maiden name wasn’t my entire identity in the first place, but I agree that you aren’t (and shouldn’t be!) the exact same person after marriage. I chose to change my name partly to commemorate a new phase of my life.

      I hope you, Brad, and Abigail are doing well! I love that pic of her in your icon.

  2. it’s pretty irritating when the so-called liberal academics who are purporting to be more open-minded can’t stand the more “traditional” choices of others. why should it be anyone’s concern what name you take? that’s a very personal choice, and supposedly liberalism is all about the freedom of choice.

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