I haven’t updated in a while.  I’ve been spending a lot of time reading very bad Victorian literature, a fair amount of time bashing my head against my desk, and a short time paralyzed by the stress and fear of approaching deadlines.  Oh, and I’ve been working at lot at SEL, reading very long essays with incorrect punctuation and documentation. 

Unfortunately, this busy schedule of reading and banging of heads and paralyzation has left very little time to prepare for the class I’ll be teaching next year.  Modernism?  Eh?  What’s modernism again?  My brain is firmly rooted in the 1800s.

I got my class roster yesterday.  Seven of the ten slots have been filled, and the final three will very likely be filled by incoming freshmen, who haven’t registered yet.  The class is actually mostly juniors and seniors.  None of them are English majors.  Actually, none of them have a major in the humanities, and most are in fields that are prefaced by “bio.”  This is all fine and probably means that they’re squeezing in some general education requirements before graduation (or that they’re looking for a break from their labs).  Students in the sciences frequently are great to have in an English class, as they offer a fresh perspective and don’t automatically assume that they’re smarter than me when it comes to literature, but I’m thinking I’ll probably have to change certain components of my syllabus, which includes mini-lessons on resources and strategies for researching and writing in the humanities.  Bah.

Other than that, not much is going on.  Tomorrow I’m heading off to the Harry Ransom Center to check out the Warren Weaver and Byron Sewell Lewis Carroll collection, which contains more than 2000 printed texts, mauscripts, and photographs.  Huzzah!


2 thoughts on “

  1. don’t automatically assume that they’re smarter than me when it comes to literature

    Dreadful little snots–I suppose that’s what I’ve got to look forward to?

    Then again, something inside me is darkly suspicious that I may have been such a terrible little snot, once upon a time.

    • I probably was, too. Maybe such undergrads are some sort of cosmic payback.

      But the problem is, many of them probably DO know more than me about modernism. Ugh. Curses on the assigned syllabus!

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