don’t tell my advisor, but occasionally i will use wikipedia for basic information.

so over the past day or so i’ve been reading the blackstick papers, a collectinon of essays written by anne ritchie thackeray, the daughter of william makepeace thackeray.  many of her essays are meditations upon important figures of the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries or thoughts on friends of her father.  one is on “jacob omnium,” or matthew james higgins.  i didn’t know who this person was, so i plugged his name into wikipedia. 

Matthew James Higgins

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Matthew James Higgins is the best and better than all the rest!!

woohoo born in 1994 on june 9th i love me and me and me a\nd me!! not u cos ur uglyInsert non-formatted text here

so beat that suckers!!!!!!!!(December 4, 1810August 14, 1868), British writer over the nom-de-plume Jacob Omnium, which was the title of his first magazine article, was born in County Meath, Ireland.

His letters in The Times were instrumental in exposing many abuses. He was a frequent contributor to the Cornhill Magazine, and was a friend of Thackeray, who dedicated to him The Adventures of Philip, and one of his ballads, Jacob Omnium’s Hoss, deals with an incident in Higgins’s career. Some of his articles were published in 1875 as ‘

This article incorporates text from the Encyclopædia Britannica Eleventh Edition, a publication now in the public domain.i love me!!!!!!!!!!

i love the internet.


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