THE RAIN WILL NOT STOP.  rainrainrainrainrain.


one of the many reasons i am tired of the rain is because it means i can’t wear my fun new cole haan shoes, which my dad bought me while visitng us here in the Great Swamp (aka Houston):

i love these shoes because (a) they are beautiful in their redness and (b) they have nike air soles, thus ensuring maximum foot comfort.  but alas, my red red shoes are semi-suede, and i’m too lazy to go out and buy that leather spray meant to protect such shoes from the inundations that characterize the Great Swamp.

in other news, danny’s mom was here in the Swamp this weekend, and during her visit she wanted to visit the houston SPCA.  it is actually a very clean, well-run facility, but visiting the SPCA when you are not prepared to adopt a pet is torture akin to the rack or drawing and quartering.  except furrier and with more chew toys.  the puppy room wasn’t so bad, as every single puppy had a cheerful “adopted!” sign on his cage.  but the larger dogs and the older cats and even the kittens (oh the kittens!)…  oh goodness.  they were so depressed in their cages, and many cats seemed to be intentionally rubbing kitty litter on their faces as a sign of mourning.  we almost loaded 50 animals into the car.  for some time now, danny and i have been considering adopting a cat, but we’ve decided against it, mostly for financial reasons and for a love of our pristine, scratch-free furniture.*  but on sunday we even found a cat at the SPCA with the name we had picked out for our potential adoptee (scooter, to be called scoot).  although after a few laps around the cages, i was a little partial to tank, mostly because his macho name contradicted his docile nature.  he was quiet, but he was smart.  a plotter, that one.

we have also been considering a cat at a local petsmart, displaced from katrina, who must weigh at least 300 pounds.  his name is lars.  i like the name lars for this cat.  it has some dignity.  but i would rename him gordo, to be called fatso the catso.  which, granted, is a name with little dignity.  but a name bestowed with the warmest affection.

as of now, however, still no cat.  maybe in the fall, when the dunlevie grant meant to support my writing-intensive class can go toward a feline companion instead.

*this cat adoption discussion has been going on for months and months now.  i cannot even fathom how long it will take us to decide to have kids.  you know, thirty years from now.


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  1. Why not scoop up one of the kittens currently frolicking in the parking lot? Seriously, those little guys break my heart. I want to trap them and their mama and get them spayed and wormed and vacc’d and…oof. Poor kitties.

    But get a kitty soon so I can get you kitty things and live vicariously through you.

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