I finished my review essay for my women and gender seminar this morning, which means that I am DONE WITH THIS SEMESTER praise sweet baby Jesus.  I am so tired of reading and writing about pedophiles.  Especially reading books by crazy academics who think that we can solve this whole pedophilia thing by legally sanctioning adult-child relationships.

This summer will actually be quite busy.  My dad is visiting, Danny’s dad is visiting, and I’ll be taking a small research trip to Austin.  (Not as glamorous as England, but I plan on going next summer, making particular and extra-special plans to go to Dickens World while I’m there.)  In between, I will also be pretending that I have a dissertation topic and foraging for food and rent money with all the other Rice English grad students who don’t receive a summer stipend.  Read:  I will be working three jobs of varying responsibility and pay.

Oh, and learning all about modernism and its successors.  Since I have to teach it in the fall.

Due to the impending craziness of the summer, I plan on doing not-so-much for the next week or so.  I figure I have earned a few days of reading magazines and watching Bleak House on PBS.*

And today as a DIE SEMESTER DIE celebration, I went to The Container Store, which, for an OCD neat-freak like me, is kind of like heroine in store form.  This store.  It’s full of containers.  Color-coordianted, interlocking, built-in-shelving, do-it-yourself containers, that promise a world of organization.  Danny is lucky that I only bought one of those drawer-honeycomb things for my scarves, because for a moment I was considering buying brightly striped canvas tote boxes for absolutely everything in our apartment.  Dirty laundry?  Canvas tote box.  Bathroom supplies?  Tote box.  Dry goods?  Tote. 

They’re so stripey!

* At the end of tonight’s installment, PBS noted that you can buy the Bleak House DVDs and Charles Dickens’s “companion text” on their website.  Interesting.


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  1. Oh, yay you! I’m making a big Amazon order as my reward. Which is…kind of counterintuitive, since I never want to see a book again. But I’ve sternly promised myself to order only fun books. Fun! Not fun as in Catherine Gallagher, but fun as in books about having parties or silly novels (that are not Victorian).

    What’s a review essay and how does it differ from a regular essay?

    I’m one conclusion away from being DONE.

    • Are these silly novels by women novelists?

      We had to choose three or four critical texts that were (a) somehow about women, gender, or sexuality; (b) had something to do with our research interests; and (c) were interdisciplinary or about “disciplining knowledge” and then write an essay reviewing and evaluating each and taking a standpoint about the topic ourselves. In a way it’s easier than a seminar paper, because you don’t really have to do much research. But in a way it eats at your soul, because formulating a thesis and coming up with an organization is really difficult.

  2. For an organizationally challenged person such as myself, I find the container store fascinating in a foreign, alien kind of way. Like, wow, this is how people who are neat “organize” things. Whoa. I would equate it with the scene from sesame street where the yip yip aliens try to figure out what a phone is…

    But I know how you feel about the aliens. So I won’t go there…

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