The prelimary exams are finally finished and passed and all of that, so I feel like I should write something climactic and meaningful.  And yet, as the wise Basak predicted, the whole thing is very anti-climactic.  My oral exam on Friday was uneventful except for (1) my surprise that my advisors didn’t mention most of the mistakes I made and (2) the extreme temperatures in Dr. Patten’s office that made me consider passing out.  Which would have been very Victorian.

But passing my preliminaries is especially anti-climactic because I still have to write a 20-page review essay for my Women and Gender Seminar by Monday, an assignment that I am so unenthused and bitter about that malice is seeping through my pores.  Why am I still writing a seminar paper?  Why?  Seminar papers are SO second year.

But I’m taking it easy.  Friday, when I passed my exams, I made an enormous batch of Texas chili.  I didn’t know how enormous this batch of chili was going to be until it was made.  And then, whoa.  That’s a lot of chili.  But it lasted for about five meals (which I’m sure is good for you… eating chili for five meals).  The secret is chipotle chili peppers in adobo sauce.  I don’t know what adobo sauce is, except delicious.  Oh, and Fritos on top.  The Fritos on top are essential.

So I made the chili and ate a bowl tonight while watching House of D, which I purchased pre-viewed at Hollywood Video for less than $3.  That movie is highly underrated.  And it stars my boyfriend, David Duchovny, who is hot despite the bad facial hair decision.

After the movie I’m chillin’ out max and relaxin’ all cool and thinking that I’ll take a hot shower, slip into some pajames, and continue my pedophilia reading for this seminar paper.  Because nothing says relaxation like reading about nineteenth-century pervs.  But alas, this was not to be.  There was an enormous mutant space-bug in the shower, leering at me.  So I had to use the guest shower (hoorah for two bathrooms!), all the while expecting the enormous mutant space-bug ‘s brother will drop on my head at any moment, until Danny came home from work to kill the leering Texas roach.  And I am not ashamed of saving the bug-killing duties for Danny.  Because I do many other, useful things in our relationship. 

Like cook epic batches of chili with chipotle peppers in adobo sauce.

Off to reread Hunting of the Snark.


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  1. *shudders* I hates the Texas-sized bugs. They might as well be wearing little “Don’t Mess With Texas” signs on their wings. There was one when I first moved here that ran straight towards me because he wanted to rape me to death and then eat me. I’m pretty sure. I ran away before I could find out.

    Also, congratulations!

    • Thanks!

      I was trying to explain to Danny why I didn’t immediately kill the bug…

      The thing is, I would be so repulsed while trying to kill it that I would look the other direction while spraying the bug-b-gone or throwing the shoe, and then I would miss, enraging the bug, which would then fly at my face and UP MY NOSE. i am convinced this would happen.

  2. !

    I didn’t know other people realized how important it is to have Fritos on top of your chili. We had that tonight! Canned chili, but we weren’t celebrating anything.

      • Re: Shouldn’t have squished that Space Bug

        Really? I think it will be charming. I picture it like an old-timey frontier fourth-of-July celebration, with speeches and lemonade and, yes, fireworks. It can become an annual event: “the dumping of the bugs.” Finally, something to put Houston on the tourist map!

  3. I was intrigued, so I looked this up:

    Basically – adobo means marinade, and has the typical salty and acidic components needed to preserve anything you’d leave in the sauce while it is not cooking. The most common ingredient/spice mixtures seems to be from the Philippines – the wiki includes a recipe.

  4. congrats! yeah, my pending graduation feels rather anti-climactic as well.

    it would have been hilarious if you swooned in the midst of your presentation. and said something like, “dear me!”

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