i receive my comprehensive exam questions on friday.  an entire academic year of preparation has only taught me that i know nothing.  but that’s supposed to be the beginning of wisdom, right?  in any case, we’ll see how it goes.  i’m already in the “complacent” stage of studying, which is a bad and evil place to be.  it arrived early this time.  hmmm.

if for some reason i don’t pass, i won’t get prospectus research funding from SWGS, and i won’t be able to make my rent this summer.  that would be fun.

danny and i are going on our honeymoon on may 20th, so i’ve been inspiring myself to work with the promise of days and days of nothing but sitting on the deck of a ship and various beaches doing nothing but reading sensation novels and sipping on something frozen with a little umbrella in it.  riding a bike along the coast of cozumel to go snorkeling.  eating lots of meals at midnight buffets.  oh, and going to the turtle farm in grand cayman.  because i really want to go to the turtle farm.

in preparation, i’m spending far too much money.  (which probably isn’t a good idea, in light of that possibility that i’ll fail my exams and not get summer funding.)  but i bought this.  and this.  and this.

all right.  enough dawdling.  off to speed-read something i should have read months ago.


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    • Thanks. I actually feel a little better after my meeting with Dr. Patten and Dr. Michie today.

      And I thought it was a cute dress, too. And VERY comfortable.

      See you Thursday to talk about another male poet.

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