i was planning on writing an entry about the surprising prevalence of pistols in nineteenth-century children’s literature, but i just don’t have the energy this morning.  so instead, i will post the following from mcsweeney’s, which my beautiful friend erin sent me this morning:

Actual Titles of Victorian Periodicals:

The Bottle!! and What Comes Out of It (1870)

Hoxton Sausage, and Jerry-Wags Journal (1832)

The Box Makers’ Journal (1897-1933)

Forceps; Journal of Dental Surgery, the Collateral Arts and Sciences, and General Literature (1844-1845)

The Erotic Casket Gift Book for 1882; Containing Various Facetiae Omitted in the Pearl Christmas Annual for Want of Space (1882)

The Monthly Review of Weights and Measures (1893-1949)

Flock Book of Wensleydale Blue-Faced Sheep (1893-1919)

The Magazine-Journal and Magazine of Magazines (1892-1893)

have a happy easter, everyone!


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