every once in a while, when life is stressful and things suck, i need to compose a…

things that don’t suck, a to z

arby’s roast beef sandwiches
benetint cheek stain
coming home to danny sketching in the ikea chair nook
dad buttering my baked potato at home in charlotte
edward lear’s nonsense alphabets (A was once an apple-pie, pidy, widy, tidy, pidy, nice insidy, Apple-pie!)
frogs! exhibit, which i will see with bee and brian soja soon!
godmother again in a few months!
houston februaries
in a month and a half, i will be DONE. MY. EXAMS.
jell-o pudding cups, vanilla with caramel, which are available in texas!  yay!
kelvin arms
listening to my ipod in the library
my daughter vicki… she is so sticky!  but there’s no hope, cuz she don’t use soap.
new york city friends
our honeymoon is finally approaching.  i am so excited i might pee myself.
pillow top mattress, with a sleeping danny, in the next room
quest for a traffic cone with erin at southpark mall
remember soft batch mint chocolate chip cookies?  they don’t make those anymore, but they were SO GOOD.
sharpie markers, fine point, assorted colors
two years, nine months out of the army
ugly mr. rogers sweater i adopted from danny.  mmm woolly and delicious.
william the hippo
xray on scrubs: either that guy has a light bulb up his ass, or his colon as a really good idea.
yeah, life isn’t so bad.


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