I particularly like the balloons.


7 thoughts on “I particularly like the balloons.

      • also, note that I shared this with my sister in her Livejournal and her response was, “Yup.” Wow, they sure don’t teach SOCIAL skills at the PhD level, eh? har har.

      • Haha. Social skills are certainly at a minimum. And the scary thing is, I don’t really realize it until my grad school friends mix with non-grad school friends. Then I see the whole “who ARE these people?” look on the intruder’s… er, I mean newcomer’s… face.

        But your sister should check out the PhD strip. It’s online and is written by some sciences people. So it would probably be funnier for her than it is for me.

        I’m doing well here. Studying for comprehensive exams (meh). Hope all is well with you!

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