so there’s a “bark park” across the street from my apartment, and i really want to go and play with the dogs.  but danny and i have decided that going to a dog park without a dog is kind of like going to a playground without a child.  it’s shady.

we’re both kind of wanting a pet (which is a big switch from my no-way-no-pets attitude of the past two years).  we almost acquired a kitten a few moths ago when we saw a stray drinking coffee creamer in the parking lot of the borders down westheimer, but it ran away before we could catch it.  and i’ve been seriously considering breaking into the berings store down weslayan, where they’re harboring an old green parrot named chainsaw.  the parrot looks so miserable, hanging from the ceiling of his cage, surrounded by spools of electrical wire and tacky novelty mugs covered in five-years’ worth of dust.  i don’t know why berings needs a parrot mascot, but i do know that chainsaw would be much happier living as my own personal pirate parrot, flinging obscenities when rice undergrads get in my way or when they begin their comments in class with the phrase “this one time, me and my boyfriend…”  chainsaw deserves an owner like me.  i’d fashion him a jaunty eyepatch, and i’d feed him goldfish crackers.

in any case, danny and i have decided that a pet would be a bad idea right now, so we’re going to get our animal fix tomorrow at the houston museum of natural history’s new exhibit frogs!  i’m so excited, because as the exhibit website proclaims (with much enthusiasm), the exhibit includes over 200 live frogs!  i don’t think i will get the opportunity to handle any of these frogs.  at least not if the museum guards have anything to do with it.  but i can do my damnedest.  because, seriously folks.  over 200 live frogs.


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  1. Which Bark Park?! If we move back into civilized Houston it would be good to have a nearer one than Millie Bush (which is the WORLD’S GREATEST DOG PARK.)

    …and if you really want to visit the dog park I could always bring my pups by and you could accompany us. That’s at least thirty percent less shady.

    And, unlike playgrounds, dog parks are full of people who’d probably love to have you pay attention to their dogs and talk dog with them. But that might be creepy on your end so I thoroughly understand your reluctance!

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