the new year is approaching. i have changed my livejournal layout to reflect the brand-newness of 2007, but i feel as if more changes need to be made, as i am not yet completely satisfied. schmeh.

i am, however, editing this layout on my brand spankin’ new laptop, a christmas gift from my dad, aka big eagle, aka mike “boots” ford. i have dubbed this new laptop lewis, in honor of lewis carroll, and so far lewis has proved speedier than the older but much beloved lazarus, my old laptop. and lewis has a wireless card, which, alas, lazarus did not. therefore i have been stealing my neighbors’ wireless internet all week.

i’m still in charlotte, but i’m heading back to houston tomorrow night. it’s been a nice long visit, and i got to see my family and two-thirds of my favorite cchs alumni. as well as a few other cchs alumni whom i forgot existed. i plan on blogging about all of this sometime in the future, when i can provide visuals.

for now i’m going to try to sleep, as it is approaching 3 am here on the east coast.


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