photographic proof that carrots is married

I’ve been able to access my wedding photos online for a few weeks now, but I finally received the files in the mail today, so I’m going to be an annoying bride and post some of them here on my blog!  I will be kind and put them behind a cut.  I will also be kind and only post a select few instead of the 1400 the photographer sent me.

It’s going to take me some time to sort through them all, so I’m going to post them in stages.  Behind the cut, find…

Surprisingly free of pre-wedding jitters:

Deacon Mark telling everyone what to do:

Having a serious discussion with the ringbearer:

And with Beth, the Bee of Honor:

Tom, one of the groomsmen, and his wife, Katie:

Dad and me:

Danny and I practicing our run down the aisle:

The best man, Brad, signing the marriage license:

A window at St. Thomas Aquinas:

The rehearsal dinner at Rock Bottom:

My dad and my brother at the rehearsal dinner, both looking spiffy:

Katie, Tom, Travis, and Maureen at the rehearsal dinner:

My nephew, Andrew:

Another one of my nephew, because I can’t get enough of him:

The meatloaf, which I should have ordered but didn’t:


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