I hope everyone had a restful and foodful Thanksgiving this year!

This is the first year I didn’t go home for Thanksgiving.  Danny’s hectic new work schedule wouldn’t really permit a trip home, and our finances are still recovering from the latest move.  But it was nice to spend the holiday in my new place with my new husband.

It was a little sad.  This was the first Thanksgiving since mom died.  I realized early in the week that she hadn’t yet taught me how to make the gravy — my mom made fantastic gravy — and I had a moment of panic, realizing that no matter what, despite any new traditions I may start in my own family, or any old family traditions I can carry on with my kids, I’ll never be able to make my mom’s gravy.  Which is a small and insignificant but extremely sad problem.  As I prepared dinner on Thursday, all felt right and perfect, until I had to pour the crappy pre-made gravy into a saucepan.  It just isn’t the same.

But she was obviously there with me somehow, because we managed not to mess up the turkey.  I was convinced we were going to mess up the turkey.  Only divine intervention kept this from being the case.  And I made my own cranberry sauce, which turned out surprisingly well.  I’m used to the cranberry sauce shaped like a can.   (And I have to admit — nothing says “Thanksgiving” like can-shaped cranberry sauce.)

And now, for your viewing pleasure…

The cranberries before The Great Cranberry Sauce of ’07


Danny making his famous green bean casserole:

Raw turkeys are gross:

But when cooked they are delicious!

Danny carving like a pro.  Kind of.

The table, ready for some serious Thanksgiving face-stuffing:


And, as always, finish with the pumpkin pie…


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