In just over a month I’m getting married.  How weird is that?

In celebration of the upcoming event, Danny and I decided to create a sub-category of the famous Top Five — the five celebrities we’re allowed to have sex with, no questions asked, if the opportunity arises.  This sub-category is the Bizzare-o Top Five and includes those celebrities or otherwise-famous individuals who, for some reason, are too quirky or unorthodox to include in the primary Top Five.  I’m still working on my Bizzare-o list, but I know it includes Jeremy Irons and Jeff Corwin.  And maybe Anderson Cooper.  Danny’s includes Kelly Ripa and the Corrs sisters.  He insists that the Corrs sisters count as one.  I say this is ridiculous.

But we are also celebrating our upcoming nuptials in more traditional ways.  Such as having annoying discussions about the seating chart, an organizational endeavor that makes me wish I only made friends in groups of eight.*

Speaking of friends, I’m super-psyched to be heading off to DC in less than two weeks to party with my fantastic bridesmaids, who have arranged a weekend of fun!  (Thanks, girls!  You don’t know how much I’m looking forward to seeing you all!)  I can’t wait to see everyone and experience that weird I’m-back-in-DC feeling.  Apparently there will be some going-nuts involved on Saturday night.  Which will be interesting, since I’m meeting two AU professors for lunch on Sunday.

But before all of this fun and celebration can take place, I need to get down to business.  This coming week involves a lot of meetings with various Important Professors, upon whose fickle moods rests the fate of my academic career.  Wish me luck! 


*If anyone reading this blog is currently in possession of a wedding invitation and has not told me whether or not s/he is coming, you should get on that.  Seriously.  Right now.  In the words of Ben Stiller, DO IT.  I want you to come and enjoy the two open bars!


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  1. Since I like to post unrelated comments, I see you were listening to John Mayer. I had an awful Wally World shock the other day as I waited in the never ending line. There was John Mayer, who I consider a talented, real musician, dating Jessica Simpson! I was so sad. I hope it was a doctored photo.

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