i have enjoyed planning my wedding.  there are so many detail-oriented decisions, and i feel i am good at such decisions.  but it seems that my problem isn’t not knowing what i want, but instead knowing exactly what i want and not being able to find it anywhere.

i want a cake cutter/server set with a wooden or tortoiseshell handle.  (i did find a tortoiseshell one at nordstrom, but it isn’t a set, only a server.)

and i want a deep red or gold evening bag with embroidery or beading — maybe something that looks autumnal? — that isn’t way out of my price range.

i know that these are insignificant decisions, and no one attending the wedding will notice either of these details.  and i realize that there are much more important things i should be thinking about, such as my dissertation topic.  or lebanon.  or the starbucks cupcake.  and i know that i should let these little details go, and stop approaching snot-nosed saleswomen — women who find wood-handled cake servers to be an anomaly on par with a good parking space at target — with my crazy eyes, asking them to please produce the long-sought-after cake serving set.

but i know that finding exactly what i want is possible, as it has happened in other wedding-planning categories.  such as the cake design.  or the reception site.  or the groom.

and so i will persist.

one month and three weeks to go.


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  1. one month and three weeks to go.


    Could you or someone you know make the bag? Depending on the type you want (pouch or something soft) that wouldn’t be difficult–then you’d just need a way to get it embroidered or beaded. At least that way you could get exactly what you want. Of course if you want something structured or sleek that would be more of a problem….

  2. I can do beadwork, I mean, nothing super complicated but I’ve done flower patterns on dresses and also some decorative elements on pillows.

    I have a gold purse that I used at senior prom – it’s not all that fancy, a gold silk structured bag with a clear plastic handle that has gold specks in it. I also have a purse made of gold coins. Between my Mom and her best friend I’m willing to bet one of them has a deep red or gold purse that involves gold with embroidery or beading. If you don’t mind your purse being the “something borrowed” I will look into it.

    I know nothing about cake cutters or servers though, I didn’t even know that was something that had to be picked out for a wedding!

  3. favors?

    A year or so ago, you asked me about pumpkin coffee. If you’re still in the market for wedding favors, it’s back at Wal-Mart in bulk — at least up here, where it marginally feels like fall!

    • Re: favors?

      thanks for the heads up. we may be foregoing favors… this close to the wedding, it just feels like one more thing to do! but i’ll remember wal-mart if i change my mind.

      hope all is well with you!

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