Within about a week I’m supposed to turn in a portfolio of three or more seminar papers I’d be interested in revising for publication during my third-year writing workshop.*  There is one particular paper on Wilkie Collins and authorship that I’m hoping my professor will choose as the most promising, but I had decided as of last week to turn in four, mostly in order to look industrious.

Of course, due to the great computer crash of 2006, I only have hard copies of many of my seminar papers.  So this weekend I began to retype my paper on Emily Bronte from Fall 2004.

The professor who is teaching the writing workshop mentioned in her email requesting the portfolio that the process of looking over our past work should be interesting and informative.  And she was right.  What did I learn?  That my Emily Bronte paper is, well, crap.  Crap that I presented at a conference in Edinburgh!  Granted, I got a good grade on the paper at the end of the semester, so it couldn’t be absolute nonsensical drivel.  But it sure reads that way now.  My writing has certainly improved over the last two years.

So now I’m only handing in three papers.

In other news, someone has bought something off our wedding registry!  Because I often have nothing else to do at work, I monitor my registry with an attention and zeal usually reserved for circling vultures or military snipers.  And now I can rest easy that Danny and I will receive at least one gift in celebration of our union.  Hooray!

It’s good to foster some positive wedding vibes, because I’ve had an unwarranted number of wedding stress dreams lately.  This is unusual because I never stress about the wedding while conscious.  I have one recurring dream in which I show up at the church only to realize that I have forgotten to invite anyone, but last night I had a new one in which I had to carry around my wedding cake the entire morning of the reception.  And it kept falling apart.

And on that note, off to bed…  Hopefully this time there will be a few people in the church.

* The professor then reads all of these papers and chooses one for revision.  What is remarkable about this is that she not only reads three or more seminar-length papers from each student (which works out to be about 21 papers)… she also reads the book you wrote about if she hasn’t already read it.  This professor does not read one word or one sentence at a time.  I am convinced she can digest an entire chapter in 2.4 seconds.


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  1. wedding dreams

    Oh the wedding dreams. A few weeks before our wedding, I dreamt that I was running around Las Vegas in search of a tiara that if I didn’t find, I couldn’t get married. I tell you, the next day I actually went and bought a (tasteful) tiara headpiece. Weddings sure bring out strangeness!

    • Re: wedding dreams

      and obviously you did not need a headpiece from vegas in particular, as you looked beautiful. i was going through some photos just last week and ran across my doubles from your wedding (i’ve made scrapbook pages with the originals). we had so much fun!

      i hope all is well with you. i can’t wait to see you in september!

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