i have been to the gym 6 times in the past 7 days.

i’m not posting this on my LJ to fish for compliments but instead to hold myself accountable.  so that later, when someone asks me “how is that whole working out thing going?” i won’t reply with an embarrassed “working out?  eh?  i prefer onion dip and felicity reruns.”

i figure i want to look my best since i’m going to be in two weddings in the next three months, one being the nuptials of the inimitable bee and the other being my own.  and then, of course, there is the honeymoon cruise!  yay!  danny and i aren’t going on our honeymoon until december, because after the wedding i have to go back to rice to attend my third-year writing workshop.  glamorous, no?  well, it sure as hell will be if it gets me published!

in any case, i figure this december honeymoon deal is good news because i have a lot of time to get lookin’ good in a swimsuit.  even though it may not be swimming weather… it will probably be in low to mid 80s.  this is fine with me, as i turn into a tomato as soon as the thermometer exceeds 90.  last time i was in mexico i got sun poisoning and spent most mornings with a frozen bottle of water pressed to my swollen purple fish-lips.  woohoo spring break.

so yeah.  the gym.

yesterday i was on the treadmill, rockin’ out to “no diggity” by blackstreet (which remains one of my favorite songs to this day, and i have NO SHAME in admitting this), when a little old man walks through the room on his way to his mailbox.  he returns carrying a piece of paper.  on this piece of paper is written “GOOD JOB!”  he smiles broadly and gives me an enthusiastic thumbs-up sign.  when i take off my headphones, he tells me that he has been exercising for eighty years.  that he will be eighty-four next month.  (apparently he was a very active four-year-old).  and that it is this impressive history of physical activity that made him the good-looking man that he is today.

i like this little old man.  he is much more entertaining than the shirtless, baseball-hat wearing “dude” element that invades my apartment complex’s gym these days.


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  1. Where’s your cruise going? I had no shame coming back to school from my Christmas graduation cruise with a tan and snorkeling stories! I’ve been to St Thomas St Croix and Nassau on one and St Marteen, Cozumel and Costa Maya on another. Both in December. Both with beautiful 85 degree swimming/sunbathing/snorkeling weather all day!

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