so i haven’t really been updating.  here’s what’s going on.

danny is currently in traverse city, michigan being a golf course architect.  which is very cool for him, especially since his day in the office tomorrow involves a free round of golf.  he’s safely out of the army (just one week before the stop-loss that would have required him to redeploy) and into the civilian world, so he could be selling his body on the street and i’d be happy.  but the golf thing is obviously preferable.

among the many good things that accompany danny’s exodus from fort hood is the fact that the big bed is now in my apartment.  this was particularly beneficial when danny was in houston for a few weeks.  we had been sharing the twin bed, which is an exercise in flexibility, agility, and temperature tolerance.  and then the big bed arrived, only slightly damaged by the crappy army movers.  and now i sleep in sweet sweet bliss.  bliss i say!

i’m spending my days working at the journal, finishing some wedding planning,* and reading some victorian kiddie lit, hoping that a dissertation topic will just… come to me.  it hasn’t happened so far.

i will try to update with more frequency, but i make no promises.  life is uneventful.

*danny and i finally found a cake design that we loved while we were both in north carolina for our friend thomas’ wedding.  i’m super-psyched about it, and i’ve decided not to show anyone so it’s a surprise.  i do realize that i am more excited about this than anyone else will be, but i’m okay with that.


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