my papers are done!  my papers are done!  which means i can post my

oliver twist, by charles dickens
pendennis, by william m. thackeray
cranford, by elizabeth gaskell
the woman in white, by wilkie collins
orley farm, by anthony trollope
tess of the d’urbervilles, by thomas hardy
sundry sherlock holmes stories, by sir arthur conan doyle
the book history reader, ed. finkelstein and mccleery
many many articles on the english enlightenment
selected poems by john wilmot, second earl of rochester
the rover, by aphra behn
the rape of the lock, by alexander pope
a tale of a tub, by jonathan swift
selected short prose and poetry by jonathan swift
an essay concerning human understanding, by john locke (selections)
a serious proposal to the ladies, by mary astell (selections)
a treatise of human nature, by david hume (selections)
absalom and achitophel, by john dryden
two treatises of government, by john locke (selections)
a journal of the plague year, by daniel defoe (selections)
a discourse concerning the mechanical operation of the spirit, by jonathan swift
common sense, by thomas paine
a vindication of the rights of women, by mary wollstonecraft (selections)
the black slave trade, by hannah more
selections by phyllis wheatley
taxation no tyranny, by samuel johnson
rights of man, by thomas paine (selections)
pilgrims progress, by john bunyan (who i always want to call paul bunyan)
captain singleton, by daniel defoe
love in excess, by eliza haywood
memoirs of a woman of pleasure, by john cleland
pamela, by samuel richardson
tristram shandy, by lawrence sterne (or some of it, anyway)
memoirs of emma courtney, by mary hays
the interesting narrative, by olaudah equiano
the monk, by matthew lewis
northanger abbey, by jane austen

the woman in white was, by far, the best novel i read this semester.  you should all read it right now.  now i say!  and then you should read the moonstone.  and then you should contemplate the wonder that IS wilkie collins’ forehead.

the worst was definitely captain singleton.  dear. god. sometimes. i. hate. defoe.

and now i get to start reading for my comps!  and that isn’t even fake sarcasm!  i get to read things i want to read!  up next: she, by h. rider haggard.

oh.  and this is probably what i’m wearing in my hair for the wedding. 


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  1. wimper

    Once upon a time I thought I was smart. The English department gave me many awards. The university did, too. And I couldn’t even commit to an honors thesis. Now I cower in my BA laziness and awe of your reading list!

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